I just took my flight across the Atlantic to Europe where I’m going on exchange for school.  It was a long flight and I was pretty bored. I was kind of hoping that they would be overbooked and I would get bumped up to first class where I could sip champagne and relax. That didn’t happen. At least I got to sit beside a cute guy. I had a couple of drinks to pass the time and I got a bit tipsy. That helped me get the nerve to make a move on him, I started rubbing up his inner thigh as we chatted, he was a bit surprised but he liked it. I grabbed his crotch and could feel him getting hard. I whispered in his ear, ‘you wanna fuck me?’ He looked at me, shocked and didn’t say anything. I got up and moved passed him into the aisle, I motioned to the restroom. I wanted him to join me in there, I had never had sex on a plane before and it seemed like something new and exciting to try. I got into the cramped little restroom and locked the door, I figured he would be coming to join me soon. After a couple of minutes he still hadn’t come. I figured I would start without him and I slid my hand up my skirt and into my panties, I rubbed my moist pussy lips and slid my fingers inside. I fucked myself with my fingers, wishing that it was a cock filling me up. I started fantasizing and I brought myself to a climax. I had been in there for probably ten minutes and he had not showed up. It was really awkward when I went back to my seat. I avoided looking at him and pretended to be asleep. When our flight landed he smiled at me and passed me a piece of paper with his number on it. I’m not sure if I’ll call him, it was all really awkward and I didn’t get to join the mile high club!


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