I spent the past two days visiting Amsterdam. I stayed with Sebastiaan, he’s cool guy I met online a while back.  He’s in his thirties and works for some kind of internet company (I don’t really understand what he does). It was pretty chill, we hung out together, fooled around a bit and he showed me some of the sights in Amsterdam.

I got really turned on when he told me about the live sex shows they have in the red light district. He told me that they have shows where people people actually have sex in front of a live audience. I couldn’t believe this! I’ve been to strip clubs at home before, and those really turn me on. I couldn’t imagine how hot it would be to see real live people actually fucking in front of a crowd!

Bastiaan thought it was a bit funny, but he really got off on how excited it made me, so he decided to take me out to a show that night.  It was incredibly hot. It started with these two women who made a real show out of pleasuring each other with a banana. I was so horny and wet, I could hardly stay still, I just wanted to jump up and join the show. Then a guy joined the two of them and they both sucked him off together while making out with each other. It all ended with him fucking them both doggy style, switching between one girl and the other. I felt like I was about to explode if I didn’t get fucked myself.

After the show Bastiaan and I headed back to his place. We were both so turned on, I just wanted to jump him right then and there. So I did! We ducked into a park and crawled behind some bushes. He pulled his pants down around his ankles and pulled up my skirt, then he turned me over so my knees were on the ground, he plunged his big cock into my pussy and started to fuck me while he fingered my asshole. It felt so good feeling him inside me, moving in and out, faster and faster. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy but I couldn’t because we would be caught. It was dark and we were well hidden, but we could hear people walking nearby. The thought of getting caught turned me on even more. I had to bite down on my hand to keep from screaming as I came and he finished by shooting his load inside me.



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