One of my toys treated me to a pedicure today. I love having my feet spoiled! 

At the spa, my pedicurist started by soaking my feet in warm, scented water, letting them get nice and soft. It felt wonderful to have my feet in warm water, just floating and having the warmth hug every crevice of my feet and toes. Then she buffed my feet, leaving them smooth and soft to the touch. That was only the beginning, she then immersed my feet in warm wax, this felt incredible! I just love the feeling of warm wax on the delicate, soft skin of my feet. It's like having a warm, soft embrace of every part of my feet. I especially love the feeling of the hot wax as it slides between my toes, it's such a sensitive area that is normally neglected. After the wax treatment she filed and buffed my nails and finally polished them. 

The last part of the treatment was my favorite. She gave me a very intense foot massage. My feet were soft and sensitive from the treatment and felt very relaxed, so it made every stroke and rub that much more intense. I imagined my special little toy, who had treated me, being the one touching my feet, rubbing every inch of my feet and fondling each toe individually. It made me hot just thinking about him, and how it would have brought him such pleasure. As she rubbed the arches of my feet I squirmed and could barely control myself, I was in such a state of ecstasy. I was wishing I had my toy then, to pleasure him with my soft, warm feet. I would love to rub his cock with the soles of my feet, working it gently, tickling it with my toes; finally I would stroke it vigorously between my feet until he came.

Tonight I will need to take some photos of my beautiful, newly spoiled feet to return this favor.


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