I was talking to F today. F is one of my toys. I was very happy to get to talk to him. Last time we talked I was not so happy, he had neglected some of his duties toward me. He begged for forgiveness and explained that his wife was keeping him very busy with family Christmas events. "Who is more important, me or your wife?" I demanded. "You, Princess" he said. I was disappointed with his neglect, but he is a good toy and I knew he would learn -- after a little punishment. "Don't cum, for four days," I ordered him. "Don't cum, don't touch yourself, and pay me a tribute if you are tempted."

F wasn't perfect during those four days -- only I am perfect -- but he did as best as can be expected from a mere toy. He didn't come, didn't touch himself, but was tempted on several occasions. He was quick to pay the tributes -- which saved him from further punishment. 

I let him cum today, talking to him on the phone. I talked him through a marathon masturbation session, denying him his orgasm for some time (he still needed some punishing). He was near tears before I finally rewarded him with an orgasm. Four days of pain and suffering were finally released. I trust that he has learned his lesson, but if he fails me again he knows the punishment will be worse.


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