Blackmail Game

So you want to play my blackmail game?  Maybe you get off on knowing that your're spoiled little Princess is in total control of your life or maybe you're worried that you'll forget to spoil me enough and this will help you to remember to take good care of me, either way here's the application! Play with me if you dare!

Don't forget that I'm a very busy girl! You should probably spoil me a little before you submit the form to be sure that you have my attention!

Provide the following information in full!

1. Home address
2.Drivers License #
3.Home AND work AND cellphone numbers
4.Monthly income minus expenses
5.Credit Cards Owned, and their numbers, expiry dates, and verification codes
6.Amount in your bank accounts
7.Company name and address and your bosses name
8.Your Significant Other's info, Legal name, work, address, phone etc...
9.Parents's legal names, address, phone etc...
10.What do you think it will take to keep me happy? (each month)
11.Scan and send a copy of your drivers license to

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