Perfect Princess Chasity

Hi! I'm Chasity, but you can call me Princess.

About Princess:

 I love to play, but I'm NOT going to play with just anyone! If you want my attention you need to earn it. I
LOVE to be spoiled! 

Turn Ons: Money, Toys, Girls and Boys, Masturbation, Adoration, Kinks, Pretty Things, Lingerie...

Turn Offs: Cheap Boys, Lazy people, Ugly things, Narrow-mindedness

You'll be thrilled to know that I'm writing a blog.  You can feed your Princess addiction even when I don't have time to talk to you!

I'm always looking for new people to play with and keep me entertained! If you want to play with me, or just adore me make sure to look at the rest of my site!
Want to see more of me? Click the photo!
Adorable, aren't I?

I love to play, but I'm a really busy girl! Sometimes it can be a little hard to get my attention, here's a few things you can try:

1.  You can buy me something pretty, or just spoil me! Did I mention that I LOVE to be spoiled!?

2.  You can play my blackmail game. It's pretty intense but you'll definitely get my attention!

3. I love toys, if you really want to get my attention and prove you adore me you can apply to be my toy! I expect my toys to take VERY good care of me!!


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