One of my toys treated me to a pedicure today. I love having my feet spoiled! 

At the spa, my pedicurist started by soaking my feet in warm, scented water, letting them get nice and soft. It felt wonderful to have my feet in warm water, just floating and having the warmth hug every crevice of my feet and toes. Then she buffed my feet, leaving them smooth and soft to the touch. That was only the beginning, she then immersed my feet in warm wax, this felt incredible! I just love the feeling of warm wax on the delicate, soft skin of my feet. It's like having a warm, soft embrace of every part of my feet. I especially love the feeling of the hot wax as it slides between my toes, it's such a sensitive area that is normally neglected. After the wax treatment she filed and buffed my nails and finally polished them. 

The last part of the treatment was my favorite. She gave me a very intense foot massage. My feet were soft and sensitive from the treatment and felt very relaxed, so it made every stroke and rub that much more intense. I imagined my special little toy, who had treated me, being the one touching my feet, rubbing every inch of my feet and fondling each toe individually. It made me hot just thinking about him, and how it would have brought him such pleasure. As she rubbed the arches of my feet I squirmed and could barely control myself, I was in such a state of ecstasy. I was wishing I had my toy then, to pleasure him with my soft, warm feet. I would love to rub his cock with the soles of my feet, working it gently, tickling it with my toes; finally I would stroke it vigorously between my feet until he came.

Tonight I will need to take some photos of my beautiful, newly spoiled feet to return this favor.
Relieving a toy 12/29/2009
I was talking to F today. F is one of my toys. I was very happy to get to talk to him. Last time we talked I was not so happy, he had neglected some of his duties toward me. He begged for forgiveness and explained that his wife was keeping him very busy with family Christmas events. "Who is more important, me or your wife?" I demanded. "You, Princess" he said. I was disappointed with his neglect, but he is a good toy and I knew he would learn -- after a little punishment. "Don't cum, for four days," I ordered him. "Don't cum, don't touch yourself, and pay me a tribute if you are tempted."

F wasn't perfect during those four days -- only I am perfect -- but he did as best as can be expected from a mere toy. He didn't come, didn't touch himself, but was tempted on several occasions. He was quick to pay the tributes -- which saved him from further punishment. 

I let him cum today, talking to him on the phone. I talked him through a marathon masturbation session, denying him his orgasm for some time (he still needed some punishing). He was near tears before I finally rewarded him with an orgasm. Four days of pain and suffering were finally released. I trust that he has learned his lesson, but if he fails me again he knows the punishment will be worse.
Photo shoot 12/02/2009
I had a photo shoot today, I needed to do some new photos up for all of the people who have spoiled me lately. I sure had a fun time playing for the cameras, I used my big, purple, double headed vibrator to double penetrate myself. The photos turned out great, I'm very happy with them (I am sure you will be too). We also took some video, which I will save for those of you who have been especially kind to me ;)

After the photo shoot I was still really horny, I let the photographer go down on me. It wasn't bad, he really wanted to fuck me but I wasn't having any of that -- I was a bit too tired from the workout I got from the photoshoot!
I spent the past two days visiting Amsterdam. I stayed with Sebastiaan, he’s cool guy I met online a while back.  He’s in his thirties and works for some kind of internet company (I don’t really understand what he does). It was pretty chill, we hung out together, fooled around a bit and he showed me some of the sights in Amsterdam.

I got really turned on when he told me about the live sex shows they have in the red light district. He told me that they have shows where people people actually have sex in front of a live audience. I couldn’t believe this! I’ve been to strip clubs at home before, and those really turn me on. I couldn’t imagine how hot it would be to see real live people actually fucking in front of a crowd!

Bastiaan thought it was a bit funny, but he really got off on how excited it made me, so he decided to take me out to a show that night.  It was incredibly hot. It started with these two women who made a real show out of pleasuring each other with a banana. I was so horny and wet, I could hardly stay still, I just wanted to jump up and join the show. Then a guy joined the two of them and they both sucked him off together while making out with each other. It all ended with him fucking them both doggy style, switching between one girl and the other. I felt like I was about to explode if I didn’t get fucked myself.

After the show Bastiaan and I headed back to his place. We were both so turned on, I just wanted to jump him right then and there. So I did! We ducked into a park and crawled behind some bushes. He pulled his pants down around his ankles and pulled up my skirt, then he turned me over so my knees were on the ground, he plunged his big cock into my pussy and started to fuck me while he fingered my asshole. It felt so good feeling him inside me, moving in and out, faster and faster. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy but I couldn’t because we would be caught. It was dark and we were well hidden, but we could hear people walking nearby. The thought of getting caught turned me on even more. I had to bite down on my hand to keep from screaming as I came and he finished by shooting his load inside me.

Mile High Club 08/27/2009
I just took my flight across the Atlantic to Europe where I’m going on exchange for school.  It was a long flight and I was pretty bored. I was kind of hoping that they would be overbooked and I would get bumped up to first class where I could sip champagne and relax. That didn’t happen. At least I got to sit beside a cute guy. I had a couple of drinks to pass the time and I got a bit tipsy. That helped me get the nerve to make a move on him, I started rubbing up his inner thigh as we chatted, he was a bit surprised but he liked it. I grabbed his crotch and could feel him getting hard. I whispered in his ear, ‘you wanna fuck me?’ He looked at me, shocked and didn’t say anything. I got up and moved passed him into the aisle, I motioned to the restroom. I wanted him to join me in there, I had never had sex on a plane before and it seemed like something new and exciting to try. I got into the cramped little restroom and locked the door, I figured he would be coming to join me soon. After a couple of minutes he still hadn’t come. I figured I would start without him and I slid my hand up my skirt and into my panties, I rubbed my moist pussy lips and slid my fingers inside. I fucked myself with my fingers, wishing that it was a cock filling me up. I started fantasizing and I brought myself to a climax. I had been in there for probably ten minutes and he had not showed up. It was really awkward when I went back to my seat. I avoided looking at him and pretended to be asleep. When our flight landed he smiled at me and passed me a piece of paper with his number on it. I’m not sure if I’ll call him, it was all really awkward and I didn’t get to join the mile high club!

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